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The Destin Open Prize Money

Top teacher Awards: (teachers get full credit for pro-am and am-am entries!)
1st : $1000
2nd : $500
3rd : $300

Ask about our POT OF GOLD PROGRAM for teachers!


Rules: Students must be on package to qualify for points, and top teacher. Entries must be received and paid for by the deadline. To qualify for top teacher bonuses, teacher must have a minimum of 100 entries.

Pro-Am Scholarships (Even if you are uncontested we will still pay 3rd place!)

Pro/Am Closed/Open Scholarships


1st Place                                                                $300

2nd Place                                                                    $200

3rd Place                                                                     $100

Freestyles:  Entry-1 points, 1st place- 4 points, 2nd place-3 points, 3rd place-2 points

Challenges & Scholarships: Entry-2 points, 1st place- 10 points, 2nd place-9 points, 3rd place-8 points, 4th

place- 7 points, 5th place-6 points, 6th place-5 points, Recalls-5 points

Solo/Showdance: 4 points per entry.

*Uncontested, preteen and junior entries will receive ½ points.





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